How do I get a Tarwheels Jersey?  Link (online order form?).

How do I post a ride? See our Ride Leader Information

How do I postpone or cancel a ride?   See our Ride Leader Guide to Meetup

I’ve forgotten my password   TBD

I want to lead a ride –See our Ride Leader Information

How do I submit something to the newsletter?  Contact the Newsletter Editor at

How do I submit photos to the website?  Club Members can upload pictures to Meet-up and/or flickr page.

How do I rent a Bike Box?  Contact Rentals Coordinator

Where can I rent a bike?  Check with bicycle shops (see listing of area shops on Links page)

How do I add a family member to my membership?  TDB

I need help finding a good route to use.  Please consult our extensive route library on RWGPS.

Will the club’s LAB insurance cover my injury from a Tarwheels bike ride? NEED POLICY LINK

I have a great suggestion for a speaker at our next club meeting! Please contact our Program Coordinators.

Where can I find out about BikeFest?  Please go to the BikeFest site.

Who do I send stories, etc, to be added to the website?  TBD